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September 24, 2007



Scott - Great job! Our lead group settled in after the initial effort. When Marc rolled off the front we were able to 'recover' and bit and sit in on the chasers, all the while growing the gap back to the chase group. I think if you could have hung on for that initial burst you could have settled in too.

It sounds like you dug deep and were really tough mentally to hold off the chasers. It's really hard to not ease up, thinking that they are going to catch you anyway. But, when the shoe is on the other foot and you are chasing a 3 second gap seems enormous. Way to keep battling and going deeper into the cave!

Excellent start to the season.



Thanks, Chris. Hindsight is always 20/20 (except after a cross race when it's all a blur). I was very concerned about blowing up, which I had done in the past by going too deep into the red during the opening lap, like in Sanders Masters last year, only to fall apart later. Could I have dug a little deeper to get on the back of you guys, probably, particularly if I'd followed Bernie when he bridged. Maybe I was being too cautious, but at the time the calculus in my head was saying "know your limits".


hella nice job yesterday.
very well done. great race, and a great write up.
good start to what will be a very good season.

see you sunday!



14th is awesome

nothing short of admirable

especially with the stacked top five

last year as I duked it out in the un-split Masters group I wondered why the top B guys were in B

now they took a somewhat linear move

I question

what causes people to move up?

if it is winning
I should slide back to C

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