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December 09, 2007



Next year will be a good one for both of you. The 'cross learning curve is steep. Fitness notwithstanding, big improvements accrue with each race under your belts. There are so many little things that go into racing CX.

With some not-to-be-named 8-) racers catting up you'll be one of the guys battling for podiums next year.

Take a look at the jump that Sam O'Keefe made this year. Within a couple of years I think we'll see Jake doing the same. He's getting a lot of experience under his belt. When he grows into a bigger bike he'll take off...and start dropping us old guys before long!

Start planning for Nationals. He'll need an escort so you'll have to go to. I'm sure your wife will understand. 8-)

Great season! Enjoy the break. Time to go bake some cookies.


Scott....nice way to end season. Great racing with you and getting to know you the 2nd half of the season. As Chris said...w/ all the 'not to be named' guys moving to the field they should race in 8^) - we'll have a different feel to the race next year. Should be interesting to see who does cat up and who doesn't - and who arrives into the Masters 3/4 fields from 3/4 and 4 fields. We'll need to step up the Masters 3/4 game a bit.....to do the field justice next year when comparing to this year. Have a fun off season....get that mtn bike and ride it.


Thanks, Chris, for the kind words and support all season. MMMMMM cookies. At least one voice in the wilderness has even suggested that I should make the move to Elite Masters next year. While that is very kind, I think I need to get a couple of top 10s and fight my way onto some podiums first. Although, the timing of the elite masters and Jake's race works better logistically (at least under this year's schedule; who knows what next year will look like).

I'm going to go get some donuts for breakfast


Donuts? You have donuts and you didn't share?


Move to Elite....not a bad idea....go for it. 8^)

Donuts....I hope you go to Dunkin Donuts....!!!


Way to go you two!!! Go Jake you will take him soon and maybe Liam will be after you in the years ahead. You all make an old man(read athlete)proud.

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