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November 24, 2008



Did Frazer's slowing allow me to catch up - I thought we were pretty close coming off the grass around Jim's rock and as we rolled up to him - I gunned it by him...dragging you both along naturally. My fall messed us up - as we were in a good spot us 3 - norm and I assume chris h were behind us a fair bit since they both crashed - I then got slower in any corners....wrong tires I guess. Once you got the gap....after crash....several came up and thru me ...norm/rodgers/a couple others. In fact you frazer norm were ahead w/ rodgers just off and then me...frazer had a mechanical in the field stones....and it was then that rodgers got all the way to you albeit I guess he crashed later too. A silver cycles and bike doctor rider got by me on 4th lap and at that point I just wanted to hold my spot.

Grandpa Tommy

Great racing! Sorry I wasn't up for the weather in the 20's and wind. See a top 10 without me. You don't need a good luck piece. You are good on your own.
Where are next weeks races? We may want to be there for Jake and Liam's races.
Keep up the good work Jake, you're looking better every year.


Great job with the race. All of the hard work by you and your team is appreciated. The 'Cross community is the best and a big part of that is all of the people that make the races happen. Thank you.

Good race for you too...and I agree that you have it in you to ride with the lead group. I think that it is more mental than anything, and something that you learn to do. At least that has been my experience. Huhn's crash probably made the difference in the split happening yesterday. Not much you can do about that. You did a nice job of working over the Army guy...very strong move that was well timed.


Thanks boss. We probably lost 15 seconds or more when Jeff Anderson crashed as well. Always a pleasure seeing you.


Great race Scott, thanks to all the Coppi folks! The last two laps were the highlight for me, as I was suffering like a dog to bridge up to you and Norm, while at the same time knowing that Jeff was not far back. I would get close only to be gapped, close, gapped, close, gapped. Marc Frazer's untimely mechanical made it all the more difficult to latch on. Then on the last lap I finally caught on and I started thinking about where (if I could) I would make a move. Unfortunately, I wrecked at the same place as your team mate in the photo above, putting paid to any hopes of putting on said move. Thoughts moved to am I ok (thankfully so, as a training bud, Conor O'Brian, broke his collar bone in the warm-up for our race) is the bike ok, let's go. With that, I worked hard to bring it home.

This race typified why I like CX. We weren't at the front, but there we were, 5-6 geezers going all out, a race within a race.

See you all next week.


Sure...keep bringing up the damn crash....

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