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August 20, 2011


Lee Anne Hinman

You should definitely buy a home so that Jake will want to come be with you when he is gone! And, I kept thinking of growing up reading this! now I'm homesick..thanks! And, I'm sure in lieu of rent, your bro-in-law would do some maintenance and chores!!! I know how you feel about those, where as he looks for them! love the pics!

Kelly Bennett Stephenson

Sounds like a great time was had by The Thompson Family. Thanks for sharing your vacation and memories. Make all the memories you can with your boys , they grow up so quickly. Have a safe trip home.

Pat Thompson

Scott I wish you would write these more often. You do it so well. Once more it sounds like a great vacation. I have shared the pictures and comments with Bob, who just shakes his head at the changes. He knows exactly where you are talking about and has "when I was there" stories. I vote yes on the house and I'll play/help Bob Hinman by being the Gofer to help defray my costs!! Drive safe and I hope it isn't as long going north.

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